Feel free to look around, but please keep in mind that PeerPatron is at an early development stage. Many features are missing and bugs happen!

PeerPatron Team


PeerPatron is the web service you are browsing right now. We choose not to take a mandatory fee on transactions since we don't want to be involved in the contract between the creator and the patron. Furthermore, we truly believe in this kind of funding for creative project of all kind, and it seems natural to us to assert this belief by being ourselves a user of the service. If you like PeerPatron and want to support our work, you can take a subscription of your choosing. Thank you!


Hello PeerPatron

15 September 2019

It's rough and unfinished, but we're proud nevertheless to present you the first public version of PeerPatron. As of now it's mostly a prototype. Only PeerPatron Team itself and a few selected creators can be subscribed to. We're confident we will soon reach an alpha version in which people will be able to add their own data and create their profile pages.


Anything counts!

1 ꜩ per month

Every dollar goes entirely to funding PeerPatron the best we can (feeding us to code, that is). Small streams make big rivers. Thank you!

I ❤ PeerPatron

5 ꜩ per month

If you really like PeerPatron, this is the one.

Take my money!

10 ꜩ per month

Feeling a little more well-off? We sure won't mind if you can afford this one.

Share the wealth!

20 ꜩ per month

Wow, such money, much PeerPatron.