Feel free to look around, but please keep in mind that PeerPatron is at an early development stage. Many features are missing and bugs happen!

Decentralized crowd patronage

You. Your fans. No intermediary.

Receive monthly donations directly from your fans so you can create independently.

What is crowd patronage?

Let your community support your creative work with monthly subscriptions.

Grow your community

Engage directly with your patrons. Give them access to exclusive content and frequent updates on your work.

Get a steady income

Let your fans take out small monthly subscriptions. They support your work and your independence by providing you a steady income.

Why PeerPatron?

We're not the only crowd patronage platform, but we aim to do it right.

You're free

PeerPatron merely does the paperwork, and has no technical mean to censor the patron subscriptions or your content.

It's free

PeerPatron takes no fee on the creator income. You can support PeerPatron if want, but it's completely up to you to do so.

“ Keep the patrons, ditch the patronizer!

said someone in the street

Under the hood

What PeerPatron is made of...


PeerPatron uses a blockchain (Tezos, specifically) and smart contracts to technically enforce the above promises. The creator and the patrons are the only contractors. PeerPatron merely connects them and generates the appropriate smart contracts. Once the subscription contracts are taken out, they're stored and executed on the blockchain, and PeerPatron doesn't have any control over them.


The team behind PeerPatron is a bunch of idealists believing the web should be a common good, users should retain their power at all time when using online services and shouldn't be monetized by powerful private companies. PeerPatron aims at embodying these values for crowd patronage.

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